How should your competitive suit fit?


When picking your suit there are multiple things to consider.


The first and most important thing to keep in mind is that the suit will stretch out once you use it in the water.

The suit should therefore be tighter than you expect it to be when it's brand new. How tight all depends on how often you swim


general rules

  • Swimming irregularly (once a week or less) - Your suit should feel a bit snug but comfortable
  • Swimming 1-3 times a week - Your suit should feel like it's half a size too small
  • Swimming 3-5 times a week -Your suit should feel like it's one size too small
  • Swimming everyday, and ultra competitive swimmers - you should get the smallest suit you can physically put on.


The tighter the suit is when new the longer it will last and the faster you will swim.

The tigther the suit is, the less drag it will have as you move through the water and the longer it will take for the suit to stretch out and deteriorate.